Texas Police Drag 77 Year Old Senior Citizen Out of Car

Posted on 14 September 2012 by mdepeine

Lynn Bedford was rushing to find a bathroom because she was reportedly suffering from a bladder infection.  She didn’t cooperate with the police when he asked her for Id and he proceeded to drag her out and assert his “authority.”

Perhaps force should not be the first option to use.  Just because the force is there in “abundance” doesn’t mean that it is the only means available to deescalate the situation.  It seems that some police are “trained” to escalate rather than find a way to deescalate situations.  I think a certain degree of police diplomacy should be used when dealing with the elderly.  I’m sure this is not the first time this has happened.  It just happen to get “caught on camera”  and it is now available for all to see and hear on the internet.

Elderly Woman Dragged From Car by Texas Cop – Yahoo!

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