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Trayvon Martin’s Life Was Unfairly Taken Abruptly and Now What?

Posted on 06 July 2013 by mdepeine

I have not watched much of the Trayvon Martin case since it began.  I saw a little of the testimony of one of the main witnesses, Rachel Jeantel.  I heard many comments about her possible effectiveness or ineffectiveness in helping the prosecution.  Many seemed to doubt that she was an”appealing” witness.  It seemed that the focus was more on her physical attributes, her speech, her degree of literacy and not the fact that she was a human being who heard a friend of hers get killed almos in her “midst.”

To me, it’s scary to think that our legal system and our media seem to be more focused on the “theatrics” of a case.  If you buy into what you see and hear in this case and many other similar cases, you’ll feel like a “good witness” has to be someone who graduated with a college degree, is articulate, well-versed and hopefully, is white?  The Psychology of the courtroom drama seems to play on what Hollywood and the media would characterize as “appealing people.”  It almost makes me think that “I hope I have someone like that around if I ever get attacked; ”  I want the “best witness.”

What have we become as a people and a legal system if the primary focus is on the look and presentation and not just the facts of the matter?  It will be sad and a huge injustice if the jurors in this case are more concerned about “appearances” and “presentation” and not the real and meaningful circumstances of the case.  The bottom line is this:  An unarmed 17 year old was gunned down by a vigilante.  The vigilante, George Zimmerman, was told to stop pursuing Trayvon Martin, but he disregarded the direction he was given by the police.  As a stranger, he confronted the young man and started an altercation.  The boy felt threatened and he apparently fought for his life.  Zimmerman killed him and as the only one who is alive, he now claims it was “self defense.”

How could you claim “self defense” if you were the aggressor?  This is the question that the jurors need to keep at the center of the case!  If they cannot justify Zimmerman’s claim (I don’t see how they could) of self-defense, then they need to find him “guilty” of the crime.  Bernard Goetz (Did Trayvon Have the Right to Defend Himself? Bernard Goetz Did! | Depeine MediaWorks), in 1984, felt threatened and he responded in “self defense.”  Do you think Trayvon Martin felt threatened when he was being pursued by a grown man, in the dark, whom he did not know?  Perhaps Trayvon  thought he was going to be mugged, assaulted, and maybe even get killed?  Unfortunately, he was right about getting killed!

Now, Zimmerman, sits with his suit and tie on, hoping that he will be found “innocent” of killing an unarmed 17 year old.  He hopes that the media and Hollywood focus of the trial will override the important issues of justice.  Zimmerman hopes that the focus will be on who has the better sounding, more educated, articulate witnesses and not on the facts and the absurdity of his claims.   Once Zimmerman “took the law into his hands,” he was guilty; he needs to be held responsible for everything he did after “crossing that line.”  Even the “Stand your Ground Law” can’t help him here.  Ironically, Trayvon Martin “stood his ground” and now he is deep in the ground; not to be seen or heard from again.  Who will stand in his place and give him the “justice” he deserves?

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