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Summary of 2012 Democratic National Convention (Key Speeches)

Posted on 15 September 2012 by mdepeine

Below is a link to a commentary I made on CNN iReport about the powerful speeches given a the Democratic National Convention.

Democrats Know How to Do a Convention! – CNN iReport

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Michelle Obama’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention: Powerful!

Posted on 05 September 2012 by mdepeine

Michelle Obama managed to give America a clear summary of what matters to the man she is married to; President Barack Obama.  She shared the story about their common family struggles;  how their parents were working class Americans.  She shared about her father’s illness (Multiple sclerosis) and how he did not miss days of work despite his condition.  Michelle shared about Barack Obama’s mom and her struggles as a single mom.  Michelle also shared about the “glass ceiling” that Barack’s mom and other women often have to contend with.  She accentuated that with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which says that there needs to be “equal pay for equal work.”

Michelle stressed that “Success is not about how much money you make but how much difference you make in people’s lives.”  This is so important to note.  I appreciate that kind of thinking because too many people focus on money and not on how to help their fellow man.  She shared how Barack Obama is about helping people.  She mentioned how both her and Barack would not have been able to attend college without financial aid.  So it made sense for Barack to push for legislation that increased financial aid at reduced rates for college students.

Our lives are a collection of hopes and dreams, Michelle said.  She stated that Barack wants to fight to give people access to the American Dream because he himself is living proof of the American Dream.  What he received he wants to give back to all people.

You got a sense that Barack is a man of deep character after listening to Michelle’s speech.  She mentioned him being a  man of truth and integrity.  Michelle also said that “values, visions and experiences make you who you are.”  The most memorable words were when she asked “Does the presidency change who you are?”  She answered, in reference to her husband, Barack Obama, “The Presidency reveals who you are!”  She said that Barack Obama is more committed and more determined to see to it that the needs of the people are addressed and that the middle class is strengthened and the American Dream is within reach for everybody.

This was a speech for Americans from an American who loves her country.  Finally, Michelle said of Barack:  “He knows we all love our country.”  This was a very inclusive and unifying speech.  Anyone who values these things addressed by Michelle will likely vote for Barack Obama.



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2012 Democratic Convention – Julian Castro

Posted on 04 September 2012 by mdepeine

Julian Castro’s speech was very sound and inspiring.  I really liked the way he said that attaining our dreams is like a “relay.”  One generation passes the baton to another, but the point is, it keeps moving “forward.”

From the speech, you got a sense that Barack Obama cares for the middle class.  You got a sense that the current president considered the regular person.  Castro highlighted the “infrastructure” that’s necessary to help Americans reach their dreams, make them reality.  The investment in education is very important.  Also making money available for “small business loans” was key.  He juxtaposed the government loans with Romney’s statement:  “Get a loan from your parents.”  Not many average (middle class) people have that option.  That was very true!



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