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The Pervasiveness of White Supremacy Doctrines

Posted on 23 June 2015 by mdepeine

We must admit to reality and not continue to stick our “heads in the sand” on the subject of “white supremacy” and the use of its most effective tool, racism. Here’s a tough question: Are blacks equal to whites? Are whites equal to blacks? How you feel about the answer should give you a lot of insight on whether you support or are against racism. Don’t base your answer on the propoganda (network news’ portrayal of blacks, excessive incarceration of blacks in America, inferior roles in movies, etc.) that you are fed daily from sources that want to perpetuate this idea of “white supremacy” and “black inferiority,” but base your answer on the fact that we were all created by one God. I make this a black and white issue because of America’s continued desire to ignore the traumatic impact of slavery on its history and its refusal to have any meaningful dialogue towards reparation. We need to put everything on the table and admit to the wrong and move toward dismantling everything that serves as an undercurrent that maintains this false ideology of “white supremacy.”


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“How Do You Sit There?” (song)

Posted on 16 December 2011 by mdepeine

“How Do You Sit There?” Congress, are you listening? – YouTube

iTunes – Music – “How Do You Sit There?” – Single by Mario Depeine, Sr.

This song is from the “heart” of America.  It says what many Americans are thinking and wondering about their representatives.  How could our representatives in the government just ignore the very people who voted them in?  Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

I literally woke up on October 25, 2011 and felt the urge to send a message to Congress.  I wanted to do a YouTube video and see how I could get people in Congress to remember that they “work for us” not us “working for them.”  I said as I have often said:  “Something is wrong with this picture.”  That morning, I woke up at 5:45 and wrote most of the song at the ironing board by 6:00.  Then I got ready for work.  I realized that the song was more than a YouTube song so I proceeded to work on it some more.  My wife, Lavern, was a tremendous help.  I often went to her to see what she thought.  She gave me great feedback and so I kept on revising the song until I thought I could present it to a more qualified artist.  Kenny Simmons, formerly of the Commodores, was that artist.  He has become a great friend and musical adviser.  We worked in the past on another project.  I hesitantly presented the song to him while I sat in my car.  He listened to it, he was nodding his head (good sign) and he said “I like this.”  That made my day!  I went back to Garage Band and made a few adjustments.  Kenny (Phoenix Atlantis Entertainment) mastered the track and by December 13, 2011 (4:57 PM) I had received the finished CD from Disc Makers ready for sale!

I hope that this song sends a very loud and clear message to all of our elected representatives and reminds them that the American Government is a Government of the people, for the people and by the people.  Individuals vote, not corporations!  I hope that many will download this song, play it everywhere.  I hope it is played out loud in Washington, DC so that when members of Congress hear it, they will start to develop a conscience and a memory that tells them that they “owe it to the people” to do what will help America and Americans.  Too many people are out of work and suffering as a result.  Let’s bring this message to every corner of America and let it become a subject of conversation not just because of the “Occupy movement” but because all of America is saying “We see you sitting there doing nothing and we will not accept it any longer!”  Congress needs to get people back to work and stop playing politics.  Pass whatever “Jobs Bill” that needs to be passed and focus on the success of Americans, not on the demise of an American President.

See the music video:  “How Do You Sit There?” Congress, are you listening? – YouTube.

Download the song:  Mario Depeine, Sr. | “How Do You Sit There?” | CD Baby,

iTunes – Music – “How Do You Sit There?” – Single by Mario Depeine, Sr.

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