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Romney, the Flawed Candidate

Posted on 18 November 2012 by mdepeine

Republican leaders are still in denial as they attempt to assess their “beating” by the Democratic Party in the 2012 Presidential Elections.  Barack Obama and his team clearly connected with Blacks, Hispanics, women and the young; while the Republican Party remained committed and connected to its base, white, older males.

I have read and heard Republicans say that Mitt Romney was “painted” as a plutocrat, a wealthy executive who outsourced businesses, and was disconnected with the average American.  These Republicans are convinced that Romney was “painted” that way.  However, the realty is, Romney was really an outsourcer of jobs to China.  He made tons of money from what many perceived to be heartless and ruthless acts against failing businesses; businesses that had average wage earners.

Romney did not help his case when he was recorded making the comments about the “47 %” of Americans who support President Obama and do not want to take responsibility for themselves.  He further complicated things for himself and his image when he spoke about women in such a detached way when he referred to a “binder full of women.”  Romney alienated a lot of young people and older ones when he threatened to cut funding for PBS and he even mentioned Big Bird!  His stance on immigration came across as heartless when he said that the Hispanic immigrants should “self deport.”  Romney, in an article titled “Let Detroit go bankrupt,” stressed that Detroit needed to seek private investors when there would not be any to be found (2008 financial crisis).  Finally, after the election, he said that President Barack Obama won the election because he gave more “gifts” to minority groups.  Here are more interesting comments (http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/mittromney/a/Mitt-Romney-Quotes.htm) that Romney made to “paint” himself as out of touch.

No, the Democrats did not wrongly “paint” Romney as a wealthy, detached businessman; they simply highlighted those characteristics.  Romney, himself, cemented those ideas in America’s mind by being “himself.”  He could not get away from who he was.  No matter how much spin he tried to put on his campaign, no matter how much “flip flopping” it was clear who Mitt Romney really was.  He was not in touch with the American people and his campaign illustrated that.

To say that Romney did not effectively rebut Barack Obama’s attacks is not enough.  Most of Romney’s campaign was like a man attempting to use his hands to seal several leaks in a pipe with just his hands; plug one hole and rush to another one, and then back to the original one.  Romney helped to confirm the attacks just by “being Romney.”  The truth was spilling out of Romney even when he didn’t want to admit it or tell it.  Romney was a very wealthy politician who was clearly out of touch with the average American, plain and simple.  No amount of spin could have overcome that glaring deficit!

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2012 Democratic Convention – Julian Castro

Posted on 04 September 2012 by mdepeine

Julian Castro’s speech was very sound and inspiring.  I really liked the way he said that attaining our dreams is like a “relay.”  One generation passes the baton to another, but the point is, it keeps moving “forward.”

From the speech, you got a sense that Barack Obama cares for the middle class.  You got a sense that the current president considered the regular person.  Castro highlighted the “infrastructure” that’s necessary to help Americans reach their dreams, make them reality.  The investment in education is very important.  Also making money available for “small business loans” was key.  He juxtaposed the government loans with Romney’s statement:  “Get a loan from your parents.”  Not many average (middle class) people have that option.  That was very true!



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