Start 2015 With a Bang!!!

Posted on 22 December 2014 by mdepeine

Start 2015 with a BANG!  Take bold steps with God’s Spirit.  Do the faithful and AMAZING things that you have dreamed of doing for God. Let God work powerfully through you.  Get and read Immanuel’s Bride and the Holy Spirit: Building a Whole New World. 

Immanuel’s Bride highlights the essence of Christianity: Intimacy with God.  The book promotes God’s plans to live with you and in you.

Immanuel’s Bride will help to restore and rejuvenate your faith in God.  Do you know someone who has lost his or her way because of disillusionment?  Get Immanuel’s Bride for them.

Start 2015 with a BANG and don’t look back!

Available in paperback / ebook

Have a Merry Christmas and an Adventurous and Happy New Year!

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