LA Police Forgot to “Serve and Protect” the “Client”

Posted on 30 August 2012 by mdepeine

LAPD commander removed in probe of rough arrest – Yahoo! News

It looks like there needs to be a whole new overhaul of several police departments across the country.  It looks like a lot of  police employees have forgotten that they are there to “serve and protect,”  not beat up and kill while upset.

The above story is about a 5 foot 4 inch tall registered nurse that was repeatedly tackled and “manhandled” by LA police during a traffic stop.  She was on the cell phone while driving.  It seems that once some officers take “action” they unleash their full power and authority against their “clients” and then they reflect after all is “said and done.”

More officers need to be trained to calmly assess the situation.  Being cursed at or having a defiant “client” does not justify “extreme force.”  It seems that a “switch” turns on that says “neutralize this threat now!”  Such fury is unleashed that the officers “forget” that they are dealing with a woman and she is only 5’4″!  Perhaps officers need to start referring to people in non-leathal situations as  “clients.”  Maybe that will remind them that they are there to “serve and protect” the “client” not “destroy, annihilate, or kill” them when they “step out of line.”

This happened to a white female.  Imagine if this situation involved a black male?  I think it would have been a lot uglier and maybe even deadly.

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