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Posted on 29 May 2017 by mdepeine

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Posted on 06 May 2017 by mdepeine

  • The rich – They receive lots of tax breaks; close to $800 billion in the next 10 years. (
  • Those who prioritize money over people – Most of us want more money in our pockets, but It should not lead to worst health conditions for “faceless” and countless Americans, or even death of those Americans!
  • The avaricious or greedy politician – The plan protects their big business donors and special interest groups who spend a lot of money for election campaign ads, but does nothing to protect the vulnerable members of our society.
  • Big businesses – TRUMPCARE reduces the insurance companies’ burden of dealing with pre-existing conditions like:  cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc..  These companies would now be able to charge more for any pre-existing condition.
  • Americans who don’t like to help other Americans – These Americans believe they fended for themselves and got success without “handouts” and others should do the same, no matter how unfortunate or oppressed they are.
  • Minimally engaged “Christians” – They don’t believe in “lifting a finger” to help the less fortunate members of society, unless it has to do with food and shelter. Instead of intervening on behalf of the less fortunate, they believe that God has to do ALL the direct interventions while they just sit and watch, or just wait for favorable outcomes. Yet, Jesus says, Christians are “the light of the world” and “the salt of the earth” (see Matthew 5:13-16, see also Isaiah 58).  Christians who are able, should OPENLY SPEAK against destructive and unfair policies and suggest better ones. – shed “light” on issues.
  • Those who overlook the elderly –  A modern society should take care of its weakest members and not raise their insurance premiums by thousands per year when they are living on a fixed income.
  • Anti-Obama Republicans – They couldn’t stand the successes President Obama had, despite their constant obstructionist ways – this-is-their-PAYBACK!
  • White supremacist- The plan hurts a lot of people of color and the poor.  It removes major legislation spearheaded and implemented by The United State’s first black President.
  • Trump – He gets to BOAST that he repealed The ACA – Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

In the end, TRUMPCARE, is short on care and BIG on TRUMP.  We must demand better!

Suggestion: Don’t replace the ACA with a weak and heartless Trumpcare. Instead,make the ACA more efficient and more cost effective.

If you disagree with TrumpCARE, contact your current senators.  Every state has two senators, making a total of 100 senators in the US Senate.  Let your senators know that you will not vote for them and may make every effort to make sure they do not get reelected to the senate if they vote “yes” to TrumpCARE.

Breakdown of the bill:

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Posted on 04 November 2015 by mdepeine


Immanuel’s Bride

Updated 12/9/15


When: Saturday, December 12th, 2015

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

-Doors open at 8:30 AM-

Location: Princeton Elks Lodge

354 Route 518

Skillman, NJ 08558


Directions to the Princeton Lodge


Introduction / Opening

Session I: God’s Love, From The Beginning

Holiness Like No Other

Being in Awe of God!

He Lives in You!

Listening and Speaking to God All Day and All Night (intimacy)

Simple and Confident Righteousness Through Faith in God – Taking Action!

Question and Answer (Q&A)

 Lunch: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (

Session II: The Wonderful Life, the Wonderful Plan

What’s Fear Got To Do With It? Man vs. God

Identifying Your Gifts – Identifying Your Purpose

Bringing Glory to HIM – Strength In Weakness

Making the Amazing Happen in Your Life!

The Glory of the Bride!

Question and Answer (Q&A)

Conclusion: Book Signings and Raffle


Inspiring classes and dialogue, dance performance, refreshments, Q & A, prayer, a time of praising God and “A Wedding.”



NOW:  $70 per person! ($75 at the door)

**Groups of 5 or more people, NOW: $40 per person!

($75 per person at the door)

Use Code GRP12

GPCC (Philly) – Was $85, NOW:  $50 per person!

($75 at the door)

Use Code GPC12

Full Time Students – Was $60, NOW: $25 per person

($30 at the door)

Use Code COL12

Register Now

**Special note about GROUP REGISTRATION:  If you belong to a group of 10 or more people, you may use the group registration code (GRP12).  Please enter everyone’s name and payment at the same time.  Also, choose a group name to enter into the registration form.  Thank you!

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF Immanuel’s Bride and the Holy Spirit: Building a Whole New World DURING REGISTRATION for the discounted rate of $15 each!  BOOK REVIEWS

***Copies of of the book will also be available at the Seminar for $20 each***

Looking forward to seeing you at the Seminar.  May God be gloried through it and may you be empowered and motivated to do all the things that God designed you to accomplish!

Mario Depeine, Sr.


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American Racism, Unaddressed, Leads to Murder

Posted on 18 June 2015 by mdepeine

My prayers and thoughts go out to the families whose lives have been shattered by the murder of their loved ones.  I feel very sad and appalled about what has happened in Charleston, South Carolina.  A 21 year old white man decided that he was better than 9 other human beings.  He decided that he could take the lives of 9 other people because of his apparent hatred of their color and what they represented to him.  It is a shame what we see in America today.

So many people spend a lot of energy denying that racism and prejudice in America is alive and very strong.  What kind of upbringing leads a 21 year old to shoot and kill 9 people who are attending a church service, having a time of prayer?  The more we deny the racism and prejudice in America, the more murders will occur as a result of it.  America needs a gut check!  America needs a reeducation about race and race relations.  America needs to confront the truth about its past, its apathy about the present, and strive to redirect its future towards harmony.  America and all of its citizens must lift a hand to dismantle the hatred rooted in racism and prejudice, which is so readily supported by privilege and entitlement.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Departing Child (poem in honor of the Sandy Hook Children)

Posted on 20 December 2012 by mdepeine

Many have been horrified and grieved by what occurred on Friday, December 14, 2012. There has been many commentaries and thoughts on the topic. More has to be done to prevent these kind of crimes against children.

As a teacher, I thought I would write a short poem to honor the 20 children who lost their lives on that very sad day! The poem is called, The Departing Child. It is an attempt to capture what may have gone through the mind of these children during their last day on earth. It is a sad poem, but I thought it was worth exploring that side of things, their possible “last thoughts.”

The Departing Child (by Mario Depeine, Sr.)

Copyright © 2012 Mario Depeine, Sr.

Today, I kissed mom, dad goodbye for the last time. 

Today was the last time…

I teased my sister but shared with my brother!

Today, I kissed mom, dad goodbye for the last time.

I ran to my teacher and recited a rhyme.

I peeked in my bag…I saw I had lunch.

I had my crackers…the ones I can crunch!

It’s so safe in school; we clown, we learn, even act a fool!

Today, I kissed mom, dad goodbye for the last time.

The teachers are nice; they help you along.

They teach you great songs…remind you to be nice…and just get along.

Today, I kissed mom, dad goodbye for the last time.

It’s so loud that sound, some screams I could hear.

My faith has been shaken…My friends have been taken.

The noise seems louder; the screams are much nearer.

I cry for my mommy, I cry for my daddy!

Today, I kissed mom, dad goodbye for the last time.

My friends…they’re all bloody.

My blood leaves my body.

Breathing seems harder, the screams? They seem farther.

But God…I see you.  Your love pulls me through.

You pick me up, so I fear no more…as I reach Heaven’s door.

Today, I kissed mom, dad goodbye for the last time. 

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Helping your child with fractions

Posted on 24 March 2012 by mdepeine

Most of us are more comfortable with the “whole” than we are with the “part” or the fraction.  Here are some tips that can help you and your child feel more empowered when you deal with fractions.  Click on the link: Tips to help children understand math concepts – by Mario Depeine Sr – Helium

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Whitney Houston made mistakes that we all saw publicly, is she any less of a person for that?

Posted on 20 February 2012 by mdepeine

It is very easy to be anonymous and call the “fallen” names and degrade them in their difficult times. It is very easy to hide behind a user name and anonymity while tearing down another human being’s life. The public has seen Whitney’s ups and downs. We have seen her rise and fall. We have seen her attempts to rise above the “mess” that she let her self get “sucked into.” We had the “advantage” of seeing a star’s “dirty laundry” exposed to the world. She, on the other hand, has not had that “advantage” of looking at our lives and our “dirty laundry.” We all have them.

Everybody in this world has had their challenges, but only a few have those challenges and weakness blasted all over the television, internet, radio, newspapers, etc.. Whitney was a star and she made mistakes, but don’t use her mistakes and your advantage to treat her like you are so much better than her. Despite her mistakes, she has had a tremendous positive impact on many people all over the world. She was a great inspiration to many.

As I covered Whitney’s death, I met people who came over from Sweden, Germany, Russia and all over the Us to pay her tribute and share her story with those “back home”, those who cared and mourned her loss.

Some have said that whitney Houston “Was a failure” because of drug addiction. Some have been extremely harsh and have had no compassion towards her and her family. What makes them so much better as human being? What makes people so much better than her? Would these people still think of themselves as so much better than her if all of their past mistakes were publicly broadcast all over the media? Would the general population think that “you” are better than her or anyone else? Something to think about.

True, Whitney was not appear sober about her addiction. It did not appear that she understood the gravity of her addiction. She was an addict. She was powerless over the drugs like many other stars who have have made great contributions to their industry and struggled with the same “demon”

Whitney Houston

of addiction. Whitney gave much to the public but she never seemed to have received what she needed to get the healing for her private life; her own being was “overlooked” while the public benefited from her gifts.

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Writing a better essay

Posted on 14 December 2011 by mdepeine

Sometimes we have to just stop and examine what “we are doing wrong” so that we could get better at something.  That is what I had to do when it came to writing essays:  Reflections: What I should have known about essay writing – by Mario Depeine Sr – Helium

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The Importance of Environment in Student Success

Posted on 13 December 2011 by mdepeine

As an educator I realize more than ever that a child’s success is not only dependent on what occurs in the school (between student and teacher) but also by all the events that occur before the child walks into the “safe haven” that is often the school building.  Below is an article addressing the impact of invironment on education.  I originally published this article on

I have been an educator in an urban school system for approximately 10 years. Prior to getting into education, I was in banking and finance. I majored in Psychology (clinical and social) and I have always enjoyed working with people and looking for ways to empower people to succeed at what they do and overcome obstacles. I realize that educating a child is not just a matter of curriculum but overcoming environmental stimuli that compete for a child’s attention.

The city that I work in has a lot of distractions that are very hard to avoid or ignore. There are shootings. There is gang violence and drug trafficking. There are also many single parent households. There are car thefts and of course high unemployment. Many of my students are experimenting with sex and some are being afflicted by sexual diseases. A student in that environment has to overcome and process many things just to get an education.

Each child, unless he or she has severe learning disabilities, has every opportunity to succeed. What I am seeing is that some children have more obstacles to overcome than others. Also, one child’s obstacle may be another child’s “easy pass.” Many of my students come in on Mondays discussing not their difficulties with the homework, but who “got shot” during the weekend and who was “jumped” by gang members. Some have seen their parents killed right before their eyes. Some have seen their friends killed or severely beaten. Many have had brothers and sisters who died before reaching the age of thirty. Many have friends and family members who are in jail. It is a common thing to see students wearing shirts with pictures of loved ones as a tribute to those who have died at a young age.

I often ask my students about their parents. Many of them do not know their fathers. Some have lived from one foster home to another. Many of their moms are eager to treat them as equals by the time they are 12 years old. Many are confused into thinking that they are adults even though they so much crave the attention of caregivers who will sit them down and gently walk them through how life should be lived as a child. It is common to hear young boys (11 – 13 years of age) refer to themselves as “grown men.” It is true that many have seen things that many adults have not yet experienced or never will experience. Yet, they are, at the core, children. They are children who still need to be taught to hope and to still expect the best and strive for a good education.

In such an environment It takes more than just a good curriculum and good supplies, it takes understanding the community and devising ways to counteract the negative effects that are produced. Often, I want to teach my students the importance of Newton’s Laws of Motion (Physics) and I think to myself, “wow, how calloused? These kids need some type of debriefing before I can get into any academic topic with them. They need to be able to say ‘here is what I’m going through'” They need to get the attention that many of them are not getting at home. Many parents would like to be there for them, but with minimum wage being such a “minimum” they work a lot of hours just to get by. The children need to hear over and over again, that “you will live a lot longer than your brother did,” or “you don’t have to go to jail, you can get a meaningful education and career,” or “sports and music are not your only options, you can be a doctor also, or president, if you would like.” They need a class that is not based on any standardized test. They need a class that is simply geared toward helping them have a “voice” and learning how to hope and overcome the negative effects of their environments.

I grew up in areas that were negative. Fortunately, I had two parents and other people that helped me look beyond my environment and look at what I can become and how I can make a positive difference. I had a great support system that many students, especially in “depressed areas” do not have. It may be time that we create areas in our curriculum that are geared toward enriching the emotional health of our students.


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