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Whitney Houston made mistakes that we all saw publicly, is she any less of a person for that?

Posted on 20 February 2012 by mdepeine

It is very easy to be anonymous and call the “fallen” names and degrade them in their difficult times. It is very easy to hide behind a user name and anonymity while tearing down another human being’s life. The public has seen Whitney’s ups and downs. We have seen her rise and fall. We have seen her attempts to rise above the “mess” that she let her self get “sucked into.” We had the “advantage” of seeing a star’s “dirty laundry” exposed to the world. She, on the other hand, has not had that “advantage” of looking at our lives and our “dirty laundry.” We all have them.

Everybody in this world has had their challenges, but only a few have those challenges and weakness blasted all over the television, internet, radio, newspapers, etc.. Whitney was a star and she made mistakes, but don’t use her mistakes and your advantage to treat her like you are so much better than her. Despite her mistakes, she has had a tremendous positive impact on many people all over the world. She was a great inspiration to many.

As I covered Whitney’s death, I met people who came over from Sweden, Germany, Russia and all over the Us to pay her tribute and share her story with those “back home”, those who cared and mourned her loss.

Some have said that whitney Houston “Was a failure” because of drug addiction. Some have been extremely harsh and have had no compassion towards her and her family. What makes them so much better as human being? What makes people so much better than her? Would these people still think of themselves as so much better than her if all of their past mistakes were publicly broadcast all over the media? Would the general population think that “you” are better than her or anyone else? Something to think about.

True, Whitney was not appear sober about her addiction. It did not appear that she understood the gravity of her addiction. She was an addict. She was powerless over the drugs like many other stars who have have made great contributions to their industry and struggled with the same “demon”

Whitney Houston

of addiction. Whitney gave much to the public but she never seemed to have received what she needed to get the healing for her private life; her own being was “overlooked” while the public benefited from her gifts.

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